Brandon Stone




Why I paint...


         I'm taking a guess here in saying that like most artists we paint because somewhere along the line we were bitten by the art bug. This is a strange affliction whereby you don't feel well when you don't paint. The only remedy seems to be just to paint.


         Like an addiction, we continue to seek out our next fix. After finishing a painting we feel euphoric. Then we come down and quietly start on another painting. It is, though, a lot of fun.


        Although I love the great outdoors, I've been a city boy all my life. If I wait until I find myself in the countryside, I'll make very few paintings, so I rely on my imagination for the landscapes I paint. I'm fine with that. I don't really seek to portray reality or merely to copy what I see. I prefer to create rather than to copy. I love the principals of the abstract expressionist painters and will probably continue to mix the representational with the abstract. It is almost like being two separate artists. One wants to go abstract, the other representational. I never really know what the mix will be until the end.


        When looking at my work, one might ask what is Brandon trying to say or do in his paintings. I hope the viewer will appreciate the fact that for now I'm not locked into trying to do one thing or another. If I'm going in any direction in my art, I don't seem to be aware of it. I like to think that at this time I'm just playing and having fun. I hope you enjoy my paintings as well.




         I grew up in Brooklyn New York and studied Illustration and book illustration at The School of Visual Arts in NYC

      Later I attended the Albert Pells Art School for painting, and the Arts Students League in New York City, where I studied classical representational painting under Harvey Dinnerstien and David Laffel.

     I still live in New York City, making paintings for your viewing pleasure.